Meetings / Activities
Troop Meetings
Troop Meetings Saturdays at the Scout Cabin  We also have some meetings at Wayne Presbyterian Church in January and February with focus on First Aid training. Troop fall in is 8:30AM followed by Patrol meetings and advancement time. Each week will have activities geared towards rank advancement and merit badge progress.
Activities Overview

The Troop has at least one outdoor activity each month. Camping occurs in September, October, February, March, April and May that may include French Creek SP, Gettysburg NP, Delmont Scout Reservation Winter Cabin, sections of Appalachian Trail, Elk Neck SP, Delaware River Canoeing, Wading River New Jersey Canoeing, Hickory Run SP, Ricketts Glen SP, Cape May Coast Guard Station, and Hawk Mountain.

In November, December, January, and February we usually do a day hikes that average 10 miles each that include Valley Forge Trail, Wissahickon Creek, Washington’s Crossing Trail, and Ben Franklin Trail. We occasionally have Ski trips and Shooting Sports events.

We travel in Class A Uniform for all trips unless specified otherwise. Trip departures may be specified in advance and include the Wayne Presbyterian Church parking lot or ATT lot.

Trip departure time  - prompt arrival expected, Troop will leave immediately after fall in.

Transportation - We rely on all parents to assist in transportation to and from our outings. Patrol Leaders and the SPL will be making all travel arrangements prior to our trips. Scouts are expected to travel with their Patrols to and from Campouts. Scouts coming late to Fall / Winter / Spring Campout events are discouraged but Scouts with legitimate excuses may arrive late with advanced notice to SPL/PL/SM with logistical burden of connecting safely with the Troop on the parent.

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