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  We make history every day! Hello and welcome to Radnor 284-G "The Trailblazers."  We are one of the first Scouts BSA troops in the area and are steadily growing and budling on the rich history of excellence that Radnor Scouting started over 100 years ago. 

  While the Girls troop is just four years old, the scouting traditions in Radnor go back to the birth of scouting itself. Radnor Scouting history began in 1911 with the formation of Wayne 1, one of the first Scouting units in the United States.  The Wayne 1 Cabin was located on the grounds of the current Church of the Savior. Their original Cabin was featured in an early Boys Life and the ruins of their Cabin's chimney remain today.



  Our first meeting was held on March 30, 2019 at the Radnor Scout Cabin. Some of us where new to scouting, while others where involved in the Cub Scout with Pack 284. Of the 12 founding members, two are now Eagle Scouts, three are working towards their Eagle. Several have aged out, but still come back every now and then, and a few have found a girls troop closer to their homes.

  From that first meeting our ranks have grown to what we are today. With scout ranging from age from grade sixth to twelve, we are joined by scouts from the Greater Main Line area.  Some of the school districts our members attend include Radnor, Lower Merion, Marple Newtown, T/E and Garnet Valley.  We also have several scouts from local private schools and those that are homeschooled.   We are proud to be marking our mark on the history of scouting here in Radnor.


 As we move forward in our scouting adventures, we also look back to those who came before us, and the foundation of leadership and legacy they left behind.  After World War 1, Wayne 1s membership waned but a new unit Radnor 1 was chartered by St Martin's church.  In 1940 the charter was transferred to the Men’s Committee of the Wayne Presbyterian Church. Radnor 1 constructed their own Cabin at Montgomery Scott property along West Wayne Avenue in 1949 corresponding to current Odorisio Park. 

 The Radnor 1 cabin ruins at Odorsisio remain to this day as a concrete slab and chimney. In the early 1960s when this land was sold to the Radnor School district for the possible site of a new school, the Montgomery Scott family offered the use of the 1888 Radnor #7 one room Schoolhouse on Darby Paoli road for the location of the next Scout cabin at 1$ a year rent. The Scouts in turn repaired the old Schoolhouse with new roof, shutters, stove and windows - with subsequent generations continuing to care for the Cabin and grounds over the following decades.


 Radnor 1 was originally part of Montgomery and Delaware County Council - later to become Valley Forge Council in 1958 and joining Philadelphia Council in 1996 to become Cradle of Liberty Council. Radnor 1 traditionally attended Camp Delmont in the 1950s. Major local Scouting events included National Jamborees at Valley Forge State Park in 1950, 1957 and 1964. 

 In early 1960s, the troop began attending the new Philadelphia Council and Valley Forge Council Resica Falls Scout Camp. At the same time, the Troop became known as Radnor 284 with implementation of updated National BSA charters, and local unit numbering system. In 1967 the Troop began a tradition of independent high adventure summer trips that included Fawn Run at Resica, Lake George and Adirondack Canoe trips.  

  The impending sale of portions of Wheeler Tract to Radnor Township that included the Cabin in 2018, Friends of Radnor 284 acquired the Scout Cabin to preserve the historic property and allow it to continue to serve the youth of the community. Through the efforts of many donors, the cabin underwent renovation in 2020 with work on a porch, quartermaster shed, roof, basement and return of the schoolhouse bell /cupola. The Troop has gone on to graduate over 250 Eagle scouts, each of them contributing a major service project to the community. The Troop celebrated its centennial in 2020 with an alumni gathering and placement of a time capsule to be opened in 2045. In 2019, Radnor 284G Trailblazers girls unit was founded with the first female Eagle Scouts in 2023. 


Radnor 284 Centennial Video 2022



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